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June 9 - Thoughts from Rev. Katherine

Thoughts from Pastor Katherine

June 9th


 Camp away from Camp                                                                                             

This week we were supposed to send our middle schoolers to Chi Rho camp to sleep in screened in cabins without air conditioning. It really is a lot of fun, but you must take multiple showers a day!

For my thoughts today, I wanted to say a short prayer for all the youth and children missing out of their camp experience this year and point you towards CCSW Adventures.

First our prayer:

Holy God, creator of the wilderness and sunshine,

May we lift to you those who are missing out of summer camp this year.

May they still find camp while being safely distant from others.

Today, we come to you hoping that our youth and children…

Find friendships that will last a lifetime.

Seek holy connections with the Christ,

And practice communion, often.

Spend time outside (with sunscreen),

Enjoy the sweetness of candy and smores.

Pray for the sick and those caring for them.

Sing songs that get stuck in your head,

And do goofy dances.

May they worship God. Amen.


Camp Opportunity:

CCSW Adventures is a region-wide collaboration to provide the camp away from camp experience for all ages of children and youth. There’s video content for VBS, JYF, Chi Rho, & CYF. There’s even mission opportunities to do at home! You will even see my shining face for some JYF stuff soon. You must register to get a password that will work all summer, which is super easy. I hope that you take this opportunity to connect with Disciples all over the region!