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June 5 - Thoughts from FCCM COVID Preparedness Team

FCC McKinney COVID-19 Preparedness Team

First Christian Church of McKinney is committed to the health and safety of our members and the outside community. In order to carefully discern our next steps in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve created a COVID Preparedness Team. As we begin to open the building for various activities, we have created a covenantal agreement for the safety of our church and the building. We acknowledge our social responsibility and will continue to worship in a digital capacity at this time. However, we have agreed to the allowance of internal small groups of members following a covenant of safety. If there are any questions, they will be able to contact the church office or a member of the team.

Co-Chairs: Byron Magruder, RN and Allen Knight

Committee Members: Brian White, Sharon Gotcher, Karla Chunn, Stacy Edwards, Ex Officio Members Rev. Peter Mitchell, Rev. Katherine Wright

Phase 1:  June 1, 2020   

Staff return and church office open regular office hours

Phase 2:  June 9, 2020

Small groups of church members may begin meeting


Please call the church office at 972-542-4491 to schedule a meeting.  There are four meeting spaces available on the east side of the Discipleship Center (Sunday School Rooms).  Our church cleaning company will sanitize these rooms every Tuesday and Thursday evening.  Meetings may be scheduled only on Tuesday and Thursday of each week, and we ask you exit the building by 8:30 P.M. so the cleaning company can sanitize the building. 

*All who enter must enter thru the center door at the Discipleship Center on the East side.

*Restrooms are available but the kitchen is closed and unavailable.

*Each meeting must have a designated point person to conduct the meeting.  The point person shall notify the participants they need to wear a mask and conduct the following tasks at each meeting:

-Take the temperature of each participant with touchless forehead thermometers provided by the church.  Each participant’s temperature shall not exceed 99 degrees or they will be asked to exit the building.

-Log attendance and phone numbers of each participant.  The point person will drop off the log and thermometer after the meeting in the drop box provided in the DC.

-Hand sanitizer and disinfectant will be provided by the church.

-Masks will be provided by the church if a participant does not have a mask to wear.

-Group shall stay in their designated room to prevent contamination of other rooms.