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June 3 - Thoughts from FCCM Historian

As we have all had a few extra moments to read, I found some items in the Historical area of church some members have been interested in knowing. 

As Worship Chairman, I asked the question, “Why do we wear the flowers on our lapels as diaconate and/or elder?" I found nothing in the open to answer that question in 2015, but I did find something in this obscure piece of information written by Elizabeth Bush in 1959. 

It seems Rev. Virgil Wallace of Berwick, Pennsylvania, came to FCC McKinney, in 1917. He was known as one of the best evangelists in America. With his wife, Dora, a noted gospel singer, he traveled widely during his ministry. In the local church, he revived the Usher’s Club which was composed of the young men of the church. They served as ushers, wearing white carnation boutonnieres and took an active part in the worship services. Rev. Wallace taught the Men’s Class, which was one of the largest classes in North Texas averaging 150-200 men each Sunday Morning. This information didn’t answer my question as to the red flower for elders and the white for the diaconate, but it had a beginning of an answer.

I needed some information about the beginning of the FCCM church newsletter but I couldn’t find any newsletters dating to the beginning of the church. However, I did find Rev. Clifford S. Weaver arrived September 20, 1920, to begin his ministry at FCC McKinney. He published The First Christian Bulletin which was a weekly piece from 1928-1930 “to form a link of union among our members and a medium for informing those who are interested and interesting those who ought to be informed.” My assumption is some form of written information continued until this time. We don’t have every year of newsletters, but we do have many years of accumulation. 

Time moves quickly as we seek and serve the Lord. FCC McKinney, has been going since 1848!!  It isn’t as old as Moses or David, but that is 172 years of praising the Lord and helping our community with finding Jesus in our lives. Our church has been blessed beyond measure as we stand on the shoulders of all who have come before us.

Daily lectionary readings, June 3rd:

Psalm 104:24-34, 35b;

Numbers 11:24-30

John 7:37-39

Peace in Christ,


Connie Hodson

FCCM Historian 2015-2020