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July 20 - Thoughts from Rev. Wright

Thoughts from Pastor Katherine

July 20th


It is with great excitement that we formally welcome, Rev. Peter Mitchell as our new Senior Minister today. In honor of Peter’s first day, I thought I would do something fun, make a list about all the things I think he should know about FCC McKinney. I am lucky enough to wear two hats in the congregation, this is the church that raised me and I serve as the Family Life Pastor, so I’ve got some stories.

In no particular order:

  • We have a heart and history of mission (check out the hallway)
  • We are known around town for our Women’s Ministry’s Thanksgiving Dinner
  • We are blessed with a variety of musicians
  • We can probably contact most of McKinney if we need to
  • We appreciate our history and look forward to the future
  • We have an incredible team of people who pray
  • We believe in Christian education for all ages
  • We love Christmas and Santa visits us every year
  • We have dependable folks always ready to help
  • We love sharing a meal together
  • We had a team of volunteers we see throughout the week
  • We have creative kids
  • We’ve got the best climbing tree in town
  • We’ve got Elders that care for their flock
  • We love to celebrate
  • We’ve got hardworking staff to keep the place going
  • We sometimes misstep, but we offer grace
  • Last but not least, we are so excited for our next chapter!

What else did I leave out? Let us know what you love about FCC McKinney!

Daily Lectionary Readings:

Monday, July 20Psalm 139:13-18; Genesis 32:3-21; Revelation 14:12-20
OR Psalm 75; Nahum 1:1-13; Revelation 14:12-20