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July 6 - Thoughts from Rev. Wright

Thoughts from Pastor Katherine

July 6th


I find myself writing a lot lately—there’s sermons, newsletter articles, emails, blog posts, prayers and more. Soon, I am counting the days, I will have a new colleague to share the load.

It is common for pastors to find themselves “burnt out.” I don’t consider that’s what I am going through, I can see the effect all this could take on someone after years and decades. Pastors talk about burn out a lot, but I don’t find that laypeople do in the same way. I think it’s out of guilt, but I’m not quite sure.

Laypeople, volunteers, parishioners, congregation members are the backbone of our church. There is so much that gets done every single day that no one who is paid by the church does. From cleaning to counting the money to replacing the light bulbs to answering my technology questions to providing food, it all gets done. I am not even scratching the surface in listing all the volunteers.

As a pastor, I can say, “thank you and thank you” until it loses meaning. And there aren’t really the perfect gifts that say, “Thank you for cleaning the sanctuary for the last 15 years.” Often the most volunteers get unnoticed. Even more often, volunteers keep trekking on years after being burnt out, and that’s the last thing any pastor wants.

My prayer is that you stay passionate about the work that you do with us.  I pray that you take the volunteer work Sabbath when you need to. My prayer is that the church utilizes all the gifts of the volunteers, not forgetting someone’s extra special or unique gifts. I pray that volunteers ask for help and share the load. We are incredibly thankful for the ways in which our folks have stepped up to carry the load, we couldn’t do it without you.


Daily Lectionary Readings, July 6th:

 Song of Solomon 2:8-13; Genesis 27:30-46; Romans 1:18-25
OR Psalm 131; Jeremiah 27:1-11, 16-22; Romans 1:18-25