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July 22 - Thoughts from Rev. Peter

Thoughts from Peter

July 22nd

 It is a good day to be First Christian Church, y’all.  We are surrounded by such beauty and possibility.  Each of you who call this church home have invested personally, spiritually and financially to carry forward the word of the Gospel through this body, and I am deeply grateful to join in your faithfulness.  As I said on Sunday, the world in wrought with brokenness, sin and in injustice that the church must join in addressing.  That address begins with our hearts, individually and collectively, re-centered on Jesus the Christ.  We are called as mutual encouragers, eliciting the best from one another in our pursuit of the way of Jesus.  In your service to God and each other, you spark beauty and possibility.   Y’all, it is a good day to be First Christian Church.

In peace and joy!



Daily Lectionary Readings:

Wednesday, July 22Psalm 139:13-18; Genesis 35:16-29; Matthew 12:15-21
OR Psalm 75; Daniel 12:1-13; Matthew 12:15-21