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July 1 - Thoughts from Rev. Wright

Thoughts from Rev. Wright

Happy July! (Yes, we can’t believe it’s here!) We are in for a treat with that summer sun, longer days, and hopefully some rest and relaxation. I love a new month, I love a new start to the second half of the year, I love being able to dream, make goals, and to make plans for what the next month has in store for us.

Obviously, there are incredible disappointments and unexpected hurting as we continue to see our summer shape unintendedly. My letdowns center around cancelled plans, I am sure there are so much more disappointments for so many of you. May we continue to look forward, praying every day for the people effected by COVID-19 and their care givers.

 A prayer for a new month…

God of all Creation, of water, of earth, and of sky,

your touch gives life to all that is and was and will be.

You who shape and form us by the breath of your Spirit

and the touch of your grace,

you alone can call forth from the depths of our being

the beauty of your Spirit in us.

May we in this celebration,

surrender more deeply to your loving touch,

as you fashion and form your heart’s desire in us.

Let us give to you all our heartbreak and hurt,

May we be renewed in your love and your presence.

Guide us, O God, in all that we say and do,

So that we might show our love to all your children.

This we pray in your Spirit uniting as one. Amen



Daily Lectionary Readings July 1st

Psalm 47; Isaiah 51:1-3; Matthew 11:20-24
OR Psalm 119:161-168; Jeremiah 18:1-11; Matthew 11:20-24