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Jan 12 - Thoughts from Rev. Katherine

This Sunday we are continuing to read and reflect on passages when people are talking about Jesus. These are passages where the Disciples and others make reports about Jesus and the Gospel. This week, I will be preaching from John 20:19-31 when the resurrected Jesus visits the Disciples while they are hiding out and brings the Peace of Christ.

I do not know where Thomas was, if he was just excusing himself to little boy’s room or taking a nap. Some of us just can get distracted easily. What we know if that he is not there and he does not witness the resurrected Jesus. The other Disciples tell him what is up, and he does not believe them. Honestly, it was unfathomable to Thomas. I can understand that he would not immediately jump on board to the notion of a resurrected Jesus walking through walls to bring the Peace of Christ.

I place myself in Thomas’ shoes, knowing there has been times I did not believe the experience of others. I am sure there was a time that someone shared the Gospel with you, and you might not have accepted it without doubts. This scripture calls for us to listen to others and offers unbelievable grace when we fail to hear the Gospel from others. “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.” – John 20: 29


Rev. Katherine Wright

Family Life Minister