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Jan 1 - Happy New Year, First Christian Church Family! 

Take a deep breath and give God thanks for His mercies that are new each morning.  Give yourself a moment to take stock of your blessings.  Remember, on the threshold of 2021, to make use of your opportunities to bless others.  Pray for folks in need.  Give generously with your financial, tangible resources.  Seek God’s forgiveness and ask God for the strength to extend it to others.   

Our shared life in the church is so rich and potent.  We have so many gifts for which to be thankful.  We have innumerable opportunities to do the work of God before us.  I, for one, am grateful to share in this Christian life with you, and I look forward to the year ahead with a sense of anticipation for where God will lead us.  Jesus declared to his early followers: You are the light of the world!  And so it also is with us.  Y’all, we, too, are the light of the world.  The new year is here and waiting for us to shine!  


Peace to you all,