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Aug 31 - Thought s from Katherine

Thoughts from Pastor Katherine

August 31st


Yesterday, as a congregation we read Luke 4:16-21 and Rev. Peter preached on it, I’m sure it was phenomenal. I am writing this the Thursday before…

This passage in Luke is actually a passage I’ve really become acquainted with over the last year. Jesus comes to the synagogue on the sabbath, in his hometown. It is the town where he is known as Joseph and Mary’s oldest, the town that remembers when he was a kid and then an awkward teen. He was back in his nest as I would say.

I have become so familiar with it because I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been greeted “How’s the prophet doing in her hometown town?” This greeting is referring to how I have accepted a call as a minister at the church who raised me. It’s pretty normal for pastors to relate to this scripture by never working at the church they call their “home.”

I’m not going to argue against this passage, I am not going to make the declaration that “a prophet can go back to her hometown.” I think there’s more to this passage. Jesus found himself struggling even in his hometown to be heard. People didn’t take him seriously where everyone knew his name, you think he’d have some street cred. What Jesus shares with us was radical at his time. What Jesus shares with us is radical at our time. They took one listen and ran him out of town.

Let us be with an open heart and open mind to the way in which God is calling us to be God’s people. Let us listen unlike we’ve ever listened before. Let us pray like we’ve never prayed before.



Pastor Katherine


Daily Lectionary Reading

Monday, August 31Psalm 83:1-4, 13-18; Exodus 4:10-31; Revelation 3:1-6
OR Psalm 17; 2 Samuel 11:2-26; Revelation 3:1-6