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April 21 - Thoughts from Rev. Katherine

Thoughts from Pastor Katherine

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

I cannot tell you my thrill upon seeing Jonah as a scheduled reading for today. Jonah is one of my all-time favorite books of the Old Testament. One time, I spent a whole summer preaching from the book of Jonah. There is so much more to the short 4 chapters than a whale.

In this passage for today, Jonah received a message from God to go Nineveh and Jonah immediately does what God says, no trouble. Umm, not really. Jonah doesn’t listen to God and gets on a boat to flee from God to Tarshish.

I wonder how many times we get on a boat to flee from what God is calling us to do. Maybe to take an easier route, maybe to do what we think is best. We are living in challenging times right now where I’ve found myself taking the easier route. We also find ourselves wondering what exactly God is asking us to do. But, you are not alone.

As you might recall, God sends a great storm, completely desperate for relief the people on the boat figure out Jonah is all to blame. They throw him off the boat (which Jonah doesn’t seem to object). God sends a big fish to scoop him up and three days later Jonah finds himself in Nineveh. God doesn’t dismiss Jonah for ignoring the call. God knows that the work is important.

There’s more to the story, including a talking worm and magical bush I hope you read. God never gives up on Jonah and God will never give up on you. As you stay home or as you go out as an essential worker, God is calling you and will be there for you when you lose track of your purpose. The church is also here for you, let us know if you need anything, no whales or worms involved.

Daily readings:

Psalm 114

Jonah 1:1-17

1 Corinthians 15:19-28