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A devotional blog from Pastor Fred, Rev. Katherine, and staff. 

Archives for October 2020

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Oct 21 - Thoughts from Peter

The last several weeks we have had a wide-open upper cabinet in our kitchen.A crack in the wood was developing and threatening the structural integrity of the door.With the door pulled off and sent away for repair, the things we usually stowed away behind the privacy of the cabinet door were suddenly there for all the world to seewell maybe not ALL the world, but our famil...

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Oct 14 - Thoughts from Peter

Thoughts from Peter October 14th Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God. ~Romans 15:7 How easy is it for us to forget the welcome the Christ extends to us? Well, pretty easy, I guess, based on how reluctant I am to be welcoming to others. It is quite easy for each of us to forget that we are little more than sinners sa...

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Oct 7th - Thoughts from Peter

Thoughts from Peter October 7th The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the Saints. Amen. ~Revelation 22:21 This benediction and well-wishisthe very last verse of the very last book of the Bible. These concluding words sends forth the reader with encouragementand we need it. There is little any of us will do apart from what we are doing through the grace of God kn...

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